Natalie Vartanian On Owning Her Sexuality and Exploring Polyamory

Today I welcome a podcast colleague, friend, relationship advisor/coach and personal tarot interpreter Natalie Vartanian. After appearing on Natalie’s new podcast Taboo and Turn On, I wanted to return the favor and feature her as a guest on NOL. We threw around some possible topics to discuss, and we decided on a hot one for Natalie, i.e. owning your sexuality and giving yourself the freedom to explore it. Personally, exploring her sexuality has led her to polyamory, which she explains in the show.

We discuss what it means to own your sexuality, some myths associated with expressing it (especially as a woman), why polyamory is good for some people but not for others, and a lot more.

Natalie is a certified life coach, relationship expert, business strategist, writer, and speaker/teacher. Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks to have it all and live a turned on life. She has worked with women from across 5 continents to help them get the sex lives and the relationships they want, in addition to connecting to their passion work in the world and building business that make a difference in a way that feels fun, easy, and alive. Her work has been featured in elephant journal, YourTango, and Good Men Project. She is the host of the podcast, Taboo and Turn On, and previously co-hosted Sex the Podcast. Natalie is working on self publishing her first book about her sexual escapades and revolutions, slated to come out early 2018. You can get on the waiting list for her book’s release by going to

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Jessica J On Dirty Talk!

Jessica J, a former therapist turned sex and dating coach and founder of Level Up Seduction, joins NOL to share tips for men on how to use dirty talk to really turn your woman on and keep her satisfied.

Some things we discuss:

1. How to get comfortable talking dirty
2. The importance of WHAT and WHEN you say something
3. The importance of HOW you say something
4. Why a woman might *not* be responding to you, whether it’s a new partner or a long-term relationship
5. Some ideas on things to say to get a woman in the mood

I love this episode! It’s fun, lively and we curse a lot! While it’s mostly for the guys out there, the ladies will benefit as well!

For more info on her coaching and group programs, please visit:

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Amanda La Fatale, Domina and Fetish Life Coach, On Her Passion For Kink

Mistress Amanda La Fatale is a working Latina kinkster who has a deep passion for BDSM.  She resides in the Bronx and has been living within this lifestyle in NYC for the past 10+ years. She is also transitioning toward becoming a fetish life coach, as her mission is to help others accept themselves and introduce them to their personal wants & desires within a healthy environment.

She is currently on a BDSM world tour whereby she visits major cities and countries to learn about their various levels of sexual expression across the world, and to spread knowledge of the health & acceptance of BDSM practices.
The final result of this tour will be a documentary to help purge society from Suppression of Sexual Expression within the BDSM realm.

Note:  Domina is a Latin word which means ‘Mistress’.


Instagram/Twitter/Fetlife:  @AmandaLaFatale

We talk about:

  • At what age she knew she was into kink
  • How she discovered the community and started working in it
  • Her views on how society views BDSM
  • Releasing shame about being into kink
  • Benefits of BDSM
  • How the general myths about BDSM are perceived by her as the Dom
  • How she meets with her clients for the first time
  • How a session with her generally goes
  • Safety tips
  • Types of play and her favorites to do with her clients
  • Best forms of play for a newcomer
  • Feminization BDSM, aka Sissy Training
  • Erotic Hypnotism
  • Her world tour to explore how other countries view and live BDSM


Michal Daveed of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) Shares Info on BDSM Classes, Play Etiquette and More

Michal Daveed is the Media Representative for The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), the oldest BDSM community in the United States. She also teaches classes at TES and elsewhere on kink, particularly about erotic hypnosis.  Personally, she is a New York-based submissive who has been in the BDSM Scene for about four years. In her vanilla life, she is a writer.

In this very informative episode, we talk about:

  • the history of TES and how membership works,
  • the myths about BDSM
  • the community and who is typically attracted to it
  • the types of classes they offer (caning, anyone?),
  • social events such as munches,
  • how to find a play partner you trust,
  • negotiating play
  • play/scene etiquette,
  • safe words,
  • erotic hypnotism
  • the emotional value of being part of the community
  • how kink can be a creative expression

Midori, Adventurous Sexuality Educator and Author, Demystifies BDSM

Midori is a renowned educator and writer on sexuality. Dubbed “the super nova of kink” by Dan Savage, she emerged from the Sex Positive Movement in San Francisco in the early 1990’s, soon becoming a much sought after international presenter on sexuality, personal fulfillment and kinky adventures. Her reputation as authority and leading expert on alternative pleasures stem not only from her unique and entertaining process of teaching concrete skills, but in her ability to deconstruct and distill complex matters of desire into surprisingly accessible lessons with eloquence and humanity. She’s known for tackling challenging topics with fresh and relevant insights. She calls this her “head-heart-hands” method to create a space where people are allowed individual self-exploration. Fundamentally she is motivated by helping people to create authentic and intimate relationships while emphasizing self actualization, shame reduction, acceptance and justice.

Her writing is extensive, ranging from numerous articles, columns, works of fiction, to instructional books. She is the author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage, Wild Side Sex, and Master Han’s Daughter.

She leads transformative small group intensives, including Rope Dojo ®, ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive and Make Hot Play Happen

When she’s not traveling and teaching, she’s creating provocative and haunting art and performances.

In this show, Midori redefines the acronym BDSM to make it more accessible and useful for the listeners. We also discuss things like topping and bottoming, so be sure to tune in.

Check out all the ways to connect with Midori…

Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Vimeo: @PlanetMidori

FetLife: Midori

And please support her fight against HIV! She volunteers for AIDS LifeCycle.

If you’d like Midori to come back on the show again to go into depth about Japanese bondage, please send a message to

Dr. Michael Aaron On His Book ‘Modern Sexuality – The Truth About Sex and Relationships’

Michael Aaron, PhD, LCSW, CST, is a nationally certified sex therapist and clinical sexologist, specializing in working with sexual minorities, alternative/kink/polyamory lifestyles, sex workers, discordant desire and infidelity in couples, sexual dysfunction and anxiety, gender orientation confusion, and sexual compulsivity.  He is certified as a sex therapist by AASECT and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology.  He has been interviewed in numerous media outlets, podcasts and magazines, including the NYT, WSJ, Cosmo, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Prevention, and  He is a member of the Advisory Board of Men’s Fitness magazine and is the author of the book “Modern Sexuality, The Truth About Sex and Relationships“, where he presents an overwhelmingly strong case for sexual diversity and the exploration of a variety of sexual expressions from a normative standpoint, helping readers understand that their own desires and those of others can happily exist on the same continuum.

In this episode, we talk about the societal myths of sexuality, including:

  1.  the false belief that sexuality is learned and can be changed,
  2.  that non-normative sexual behavior is pathological,
  3. that healthy sexuality involves intimacy,
  4. that intimacy is easily defined and mean the same to everyone, and
  5. that sexual behavior must have a clearly defined purpose.

We also discuss:

  • harm reduction
  • epigenetics
  • BDSM
  • fetishes
  • partialisms
  • polyamory
  • the darker aspects of psychotherapy when it comes to homosexuality
  • Dr. Aaron’s opinion on the book and movie ’50 Shades of Grey’
  • mismatched desire in couples…and a lot more.

Dr. Aaron is so awesome…I seriously dig this man’s passion for his work, and he’s hot to boot!  There aren’t many progressive sexologists like him out in the world, so if you have questions or would like to work with him, please connect with him today.

Buy his book now by visiting or his website at


Sex Therapist Vanessa Marin Dishes On the Female Orgasm

Vanessa Marin joins NOL to discard any taboos associated with talking openly about sex, and she specifically tackles myths surrounding female orgasms, in her role as a sex therapist.


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Dana B. Myers of Booty Parlor On How To Reignite Romance

Dana B. Myers, product developer, entrepreneur, media personality and founder of Booty Parlor, the sexy lifestyle brand, shares tantalizing tips on increasing relationship intimacy and reigniting the romance!  Listen to this episode and get your groove back!

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Coming Up Next on NOL – Dana B. Myers, Founder of Booty Parlor

Coming up next on NOL…Has your relationship lost the love and you and your partner are having too many scheduled, obligatory and unfulfilling quickies?  Maybe you’re just not attracted to your partner anymore.  My guest Dana B. Myers has the solution, as she shares tantalizing tips on how the two of you can get your groove back!

Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn Explains Why Porn Isn’t A Problem – Society Is

NOL guest Cindy Gallop, activist and entrepreneur, explains in this provocative episode why porn isn’t a problem, society is, and how her startup called MakeLoveNotPorn plans to disrupt the way we look at and talk about sex on a supremely grand scale.


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