Dr. Rhoberta Shaler On Identifying and Dealing with Passive Aggressive People

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, The Relationship Help Doctor, returns to NOL to talk about Passive Aggressive people. She shares the 6 main ways to identify this type of difficult person via hallmark behaviors. Examples include giving you the silent treatment, playing the victim or procrastinating. These people are frustrating! You will learn the differences between passive aggressive people and full-blown Hijackals (Dr. Shaler’s trademarked term for what most people label Narcissists), and after listening to this episode, you will walk away with great tips on how to effectively deal with them at work or in a relationship.  Empowering!

For more information, please visit www.ForRelationshipHelp.com or Hijackals.com or PassiveAggressiveChecklist.com

Also, be sure to check out her radio show at https://bbsradio.com/relationshiphelpshow

Business Coach Nicole Liloia On the Realities of Entrepreneurship

This week on NOL, business coach Nicole Liloia talks about how to know if you’re truly ready for the entrepreneur life. We discuss the realities of starting your own business and how to achieve success…without added stress.

Included topics: the personality traits of a typical entrepreneur, how to manage your workload, mistakes new entrepreneurs make, how to determine what you need to outsource or do yourself, the truths about the laptop lifestyle, and much more!

For more information about Nicole and her services, please visit www.nicoleliloia.com

Michael Schein of MicroFame Media On the Power of Hype

Michael Schein,CEO of MicroFame Media, joins NOL to discuss the power of hype in marketing, and how we can learn effective strategies from people like propaganda artists, con artists, cult leaders and more. It’s a very interesting discussion that will surely change the way you approach your personal brand or company’s marketing.

About Michael:

Michael is the CEO of MicroFame Media, a content marketing and strategy agency that turns consultants into thought leaders when they don’t have the time or expertise to make it happen on their own. He has created or facilitated the production of content for companies such as eBay, The Medici Group, LinkedIn, Abila, TESLA, Inc., SEER Interactive, Interiors by Steven G., Magento, Vitalyst, Intellect, Arise Virtual Solutions, and Citrix.

Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with Honors and got his start at Spin the Bottle, the production company behind VH1 hit show Pop Up Video. He also created, ran, and moderated the New York Tech Alliance’s Interactive Marketing panel series and writes a weekly column for Inc., as well as regularly contributing to Fortune and Huffington Post. He is also the co-host of the popular podcast Access to Anyone.

For more information about Michael and his company, please visit: microfamemedia.com

Lindsay Istace With the Latest On Rage Yoga!

Lindsay Istace, founder of Rage Yoga, returns to NOL one year later to share updates about her unique practice and how it’s expanding like wildfire!

Sign up for her email newsletter and get discounts, special deals and more at www.rageyoga.com

In this episode, hear about:

– A review of why she started Rage Yoga (in case you missed her first appearance in the early launch days of NOL)

– How her unique practice works to face and release uncomfortable emotions

– How Rage Yoga can be a great way for misfits to experience yoga without intimidation or traditional dogma

– How Lindsay feels about Rage Yoga knockoffs/copycats

– Rage Yoga jewelry and how proceeds go to charity

– Upcoming beginner course

– September retreat in Scotland

– October teacher trainings in Canada

– how her tour last year panned out

– possible future plans for Rage Yoga to expand

Claudia Hehr – Part 2 of 2 – How To Keep Your Animal Companions Healthy and Happy

In Part 2 of this 2-part series with Claudia Hehr, internationally-known animal communication expert, we discuss tips on improving the physical and emotional health of our animal companions and how to manage the loss of an animal family member.

Specifics covered in this show:

1. Considering not only the physical health but also their emotional health

2. Indicators of strong health

3. Indicators of physical or emotional issues

4. Making good food choices for your animals, including snacks

5. The benefits of an organic diet

6. Taking into consideration the type of water you give your pet, as well as the type of bowls

7. Bedding choices and laundering pet beds

8. Choosing toys – and why tennis balls are not a good choice

9. Exercise considerations based on size, breed and age

10. Whisperers vs. pet psychics

11. Helping your animals stay happy by giving them tasks they enjoy, e.g. dogs who naturally love to search and rescue

12. At what point to contact an animal communicator when adopting a new companion

13. Tips on coping with losing a pet, or as Claudia terms it, a pet who has “moved on”

Don’t forget to visit Claudia’s website to pick up copies of her books and/or to request a private call for her to talk with your animal companion! www.claudiahehr.com

And as always, please visit my Resources page for a discount on your first order with Barkbox – get a box full of toys and treats for just 5 bucks!!  www.ladyfoxentertainment.com/resourcesparters

Michelle’s End of Year Musings – Tis the Season To Be Ballsy!

In this special, final, holiday-inspired episode of 2016, Michelle bravely takes off her typically-neutral host hat and openly shares her personal (and sometimes prickly) musings about 2016, including:

  • the exciting roller coaster of launching Nothing Off Limits podcast,
  • how it’s totally okay (and you’re not alone) if you’re not exactly jolly this year
  • things she’s learned this year (it’s probably not what you expect),
  • things she’s grateful for (again, likely things you won’t expect), and
  • what to expect from NOL in 2017.
  • Oh, and there’s a call-to-action that will cost you zero dollars but would be an amazing gift to show your appreciation and support for the show. 🙂

Share in the possibility of a laugh as 2016 comes to completion and Michelle flatly expresses how awesome that truly is! 

Thanks so much for listening these last 6 months – much more to come in 2017!!

Happy/Merry whatever you celebrate!


Millennial Cameron Brown On Thriving In the Modern Age

To round out Millennial Month on NOL, Cameron R. Brown joins the show all the way from Australia. Cameron has turned his dream and passion for helping others into a socially conscious company that has impacted millions of lives around the world.
As founder of The Thriving Collective, Cameron helps people dream big, live fully, and use their unique talents and strengths to make a positive impact.
Through the talks he gives, people he coaches and music & videos he creates that have an audience in 195 countries, Cameron discusses topics including the pursuit of happiness, creative thinking, social isolation and living an extraordinary life.
He also facilitates quality introductions and creates events & experiences around the world that allow remarkable people to connect with one another, experience new adventures and develop personal, business and philanthropic opportunities.
Cameron loves helping good people thrive, because when good people thrive, they do more good, and that’s what can truly change the world.

Please visit thrivingcollective.com for more information on how to become a “Thriver”!  Everything launches November 9, 2016.  Be one of the first peeps to join!

In-episode ad mention

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NOL Panel Discussion 1 – Three Millennials Educate Us About Their Generation

Three Millennials, ages 21, 25 and 33, join NOL to answer questions about their generation, such as why they are perceived as entitled, how they use technology, how they approach relationships, and much more, in order to help the older generations understand them better.

Topics covered:

-Millennials’ reputation for acting entitled or not caring

-the level of competition they have within their generation

-famous Millennials who they think give their generation a bad rap

-phone calls vs. texting

– the use of emojis

– different approaches with social media depending on their age range

-Millennials’ approach to relationships

-the music industry and what’s considered old to them

-latest phrases and sayings (keep in mind that this was recorded in July, so “everything” is missing)


-views about the generation below them

Thank you to MacKenzie Bennett, Ryan Peterson and Major Lattimer for being representatives of their amazing generation in this panel discussion!

Show Notes

The Millennial mindset says to look it up yourself.  🙂

Coming up next week on NOL’s Millennial Month is an episode that discusses a less-than-awesome result of technology – social isolation – and how to overcome it and thrive in the digital age.  Don’t miss it.

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Monica Bloom – Part 2 – How Ayurveda Helps the Mind Via the Five Senses

Author Monica Bloom rejoins NOL to explain how Ayurveda can improve not only the body, but also the mind. She also explains what the heck panchakarma is.  

Show Notes 

Vata’s Vices


Pitta’s Vices


Kaphas’s Vices


For a 15% discount on her book In Your Elements: An Ayurvedic Handbook to Customize and Transform Your Life”:

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Ray Hippolyte Explains How to Out Your Inner Awesome to Attract the Relationship and Career of Your Dreams

Inner Matchmaker/Life Coach Ray Hippolyte explains how to change our self-defeating patterns, become the best version of ourselves, and attract the career and relationship of our dreams. To learn how you can have it all, listen to this episode as Ray guides you through 3 important steps to outing your inner awesome.

Personal note:  As mentioned in the episode, Ray works predominately with gay men, however you don’t have to be gay to work with Ray!  (That’s one awesome marketing tag, dang it.  Well, there’s my backup career!) Seriously, I have worked with Ray one-on-one, and he has greatly impacted my career journey and helped me leap into entrepreneurship with greater confidence.  He worked with me to let go of deep-rooted limiting beliefs that I picked up earlier in life that influenced my approach to my creative work and kept me questioning myself along the way.  I don’t do that anymore.  I feel more creatively free than ever.  So, I encourage you to reach out to Ray to be inspired, to have your eyes opened to ways of being more compassionate with yourself, and to not be afraid to move forward in the way that rings true for you.

Show notes

Ray’s website: www.Outyourinnerawesome.com


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