Armen Hambar of Future World Music On Film/TV Composing

Armen Hambar is an American composer for film and television born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He has been writing music for film and television for the last twenty years. In this interview, we discuss how he got started in film/tv composing, his influences and sound choices, his views on how the production music landscape has shifted over the years, as well as personal inspirational tips to up and coming composers.

In 2004 he started his own production music catalog, Future World Music, which has gained industry and retail success as well as extensive popularity on social media among fans all over the world. His music has been featured in some of the top motion picture ad campaigns including “How to Train Your Dragon”, “A Night at the Museum 2 & 3”, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 1 & 2”, “Epic”, “Frozen” and “Into The Woods” among many others.

His client list includes DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros., Walt Disney Pictures, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, MGM, Columbia TriStar, Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox and The Ultimate Fighting Championship. In 2011, because of popular demand by fans, Future World Music released their first public album “Reign of Vengeance” which gained unexpected retail success since production music was not in the mainstream. Future World Music has since released five public albums “A Hero Will Rise” in 2012, “Behold” in 2013, “Zero Hour” in 2014, “Pulse of Life” in 2015 and their most recent industry/public release “Mother Earth” in 2017 all exceeding retail expectations worldwide and breaking into the top forty on Amazon’s best sellers rank in soundtrack digital music.

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Rudy Sarzo, Rock Metal Bassist, Pt. 2 – Whitesnake, Dio, Off the Rails and Much More

In Part 2 of this special NOL music series, well-known rock and metal bassist and Rudy Sarzo continues his story of his time playing with Ozzy, and what came after that.  You’ll get a true feel for Rudy’s spiritual depth and genuine warmth in this episode, and if you’re an up and coming musician, be sure to listen through to the end, as Rudy graciously provides valuable career advice to those who want a career in the music business.

Some topics we chat about in this episode:

  • Why he left the Ozzy band
  • Losing his dear friend Randy Rhodes
  • Why he wrote his book Off the Rails, and the personal experience of writing it
  • The story behind joining Whitesnake
  • What it was like working with some of the top band managers in the world, from Sharon Osbourne to Trudy Green to Wendy Dio
  • Memories of Ronnie James Dio
  • Why he got into doing CG work for a while, and what he did to get his joy of playing the bass back
  • His upcoming projects (The Guess Who!) and continued advocacy for animal rights
  • What he wants to remembered most for
  • Sage advice for the up and coming musician

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Damien Horne On His Journey of Hope – From Homeless to Rising Music Star

This week we turn to music, one of my favorite topics, with the incredible Damien Horne. His manager reached out to me shortly after the NOL launch, and when I heard his story, I was super excited to get him on the show. Damien’s story is impactful, not only for hopeful musicians, but for anyone who needs a boost of motivation and inspiration! 

Damien has a way of making everyone feel special, and it’s because he believes they are. Damien has a real knack for tapping into people’s gifts and talents and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. In fact, if you were to ask Damien what his purpose in life is, that’s probably what he’d say: to make others believe that they can fulfill their own purpose in this world. Whether it’s through his songs, his public speaking platform or simply via a one-on-one conversation, you’ll walk away from him feeling like anything is possible.

Damien’s credentials are loaded. Although he was homeless in two different cities (LA and Nashville), he has shared the stage with the likes of everyone from Faith Hill and Big & Rich to Robert Randolph and John Legend. He’s landed publishing deals with Big Love and Warner Chapel. He was also a part of a country music trio The Farm that was signed to Warner Brothers. During their stint, they had two charting singles. “Home Sweet Home” (Billboard Top 20) and “Be Grateful” (Billboard Top 40).

When Damien’s not on the road as an artist, he’s working alongside The Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club to share his story of being one of 12 children, the first to graduate from high school and avoiding being a victim of the streets. One of his latest projects is It’s a weekly blog that showcases people who are doing their part to make the world a better place. It’s an online platform that complements what he’s currently focused on: his single and personal motto “Shine” and his upcoming one man show with the same name. Stay tuned.



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