Cristina Shy On Genetic Sexual Attraction

Cristina Shy is an activist fighting for the rights of ALL consenting adults to share love, sex, relationship, residence and marriage, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, number of participants and whether or not they are related. Cristina’s activism is focused on Genetic Sexual Attraction and consanguinamory, and she joins NOL to explain why it’s important for people to know that not all incestuous relationships are abusive. In fact, many are completely consensual, loving and intensely special, as a result of what she explains further in the episode as the “double love bond”.

This is the first episode of two personal cases of consensual incest. Both episodes will shine the light on the flip side of Dr. Wish’s discussion, which zeroed in on non-consensual incest, specifically early childhood sexual abuse and the long-term effects of this trauma on adults.

Cristina, whose name and voice has been changed to protect her identity, tells her story of meeting her half-brother for the first time when she was 33, how she discovered GSA and was relieved to find that she was not alone, and why she is now one of the leaders of the movement of consanguinamorous people fighting to change the incest laws and gain the right to be in a relationship, have sex with, live with, and marry a relative. She also dispels the “Mutant Baby Myth”.

While she does not claim to be a professional counselor or lawyer, Cristina offers confidential one-on-one assistance to anyone experiencing GSA or consanguinamory who needs support, particularly when it comes to adoptions and reuniting with biological family members, or the legal issues associated with being consensual adults in an incestuous relationship.

To connect with Cristina and her consang-positive community, go to her website, visit her blog at or email her at  You can also join her Kindred Spirits forum

In the next episode as part of this series, you will hear another leader of the consanguinamorous movement, Jane Doe, as she describes her consensual incestuous relationship with her dad as a result of a lack of the Westermarck effect.  She will discuss incestophobia and their community’s cry for acceptance, how porn is fetishizing her people and why the fetishists are NOT the same as consanguinamorous couples, and much more.

Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce On Using Sexual Polarity To Get the Love You Want

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong types of people or just can’t seem to keep the sexual spark alive in your long-term relationship or marriage? Well, maybe the answer is in sexual polarity. When I reached out to David Deida’s office seeking a sexual polarity expert, I was thrilled to hear from Londin Angel Winters and to experience her personal passion for the topic. In this episode, her life partner, Justin Patrick Pierce joins her to share the art and science of attracting the right partner and creating the relationship of your dreams.

Londin and Justin are intimate partners, business partners, and co-teachers of an experience they created, called the Yoga of Intimacy. Each with a professional background in exercise science, and trained in the esoteric art of sexual yoga, Londin & Justin offer a unique perspective that unites the science of the body with the mindfulness of deep, spiritual practice. They facilitate workshops and teach clients from around the world in the art of sacred loving. Their mission is to help each and every person to realize their deepest purpose and claim a life of unbounded love. Workshop dates and information can be found at The “flow” of our talk:

1. How Londin and Justin met and why their 14-year age difference means nothing because of the intimacy/yoga sexual practice they have together

2. What polarity is and why it’s so powerful

3. Examples of both feminine and masculine behaviors and how we all carry both energies in us

4. Why “friend zone” happens

5. How to discover your core essence through examination of your purpose and also how you feel about love and connection

6. Londin teaches us the concept of “energetic agility”, or moving back and forth easily between the feminine and masculine and how to “polarize the moment”

7. Simple, quick things you can do to fall into your feminine or masculine energy

8. Justin explains the three stages of masculine sexuality

9. The behavior of a man who is a “flowster”

10. Things a man can do to get his woman out of her masculine and back into her feminine, or to polarize her

11. Why it’s important to use this knowledge in a loving, spiritual way

12. For the ladies – how to attract a man who will truly claim you and inspire his masculinity

13. All about Yoga of Intimacy and what it entails

14. Why it’s scary work and why it’s not for everyone…BUT how awesome it can be when you have the right person to be vulnerable with

15. Upcoming events that Londin and Justin are offering

As always, please visit the page for even more intimacy, love and sexual health products and services just for NOL listeners!

Lisa Schoenthal – Is It Love or a Love Lesson?

The wonderful Lisa Schoenthal and I recorded this episode of NOL way back in May, and it felt right to release it this Thanksgiving weekend.  Listen as Lisa and I talk about the awesome, huge subject of *love*, with a focus on determining whether it’s really love or just a love lesson along the way.

Lisa’s bio:

Lisa is a lifestyle and relationship mentor, certified health and wellness coach, and yoga instructor who is accessible and warm. Dedicated to empowering others, Lisa has created inspiring programs to promote personal growth with passion and communities with purpose. She incorporates mindfulness, movement, and nutrition into her group and individual coaching, seminars and travel adventures. I’ve personally called up Lisa when I’ve hit crossroads with my relationships, and her advice has been invaluable to me along the way.  She’s so awesome, and I know you’ll love her too.

Lisa authored the book “The Men We Meet – 15 Key Lessons Learned In Love”.  You may recall her generosity in giving 10 free copies of this book as part of my NOL launch swag promotion back in July, and for those of you who won the book, I encourage you to read it if you haven’t already!  For those of you who weren’t swag winners, you can get a copy of Lisa’s book on either Kindle or paperback here:

The Men We Meet – 15 Key Lessons Learned In Love

And of course, you can connect with Lisa at

Show Notes:

In this episode, we discuss:

– Lisa’s definition of love
– Humanness and Spirit
– Seeking out the blessings in unfortunate situations
– Why we attract the wrong partners and how to gain more awareness
– How others are mirrors that we can use to see ourselves
– Real love vs. a love lesson relationship
– Using intuition and gut instincts about relationships
– Establishing your own “deal breakers”
– Asking qualifying questions of a potential partner
– How long to wait after a breakup before dating again
– The courting process and attraction
– Mistakes women tend to make because of a natural instinct to nurture
– Co-creating with a partner
– The challenges of platonic relationships that also have romantic inclinations

In-episode mention:

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Kavita J. Patel’s Method For Attracting Extraordinary Love

Love Coach and Intuitive Kavita J. Patel shares her unique approach to helping clients find their personal Love Blocks and release them through the process of examining the influences of their parents or those who raised them. Michelle shows zero fear when she openly examines her own icky influences in order to inspire listeners to let go and get on with their healing too.


Show Notes

Kavita’s website:

Go to the site and grab the 4 Love Types quiz. Find out if you are The Fixer, The Nurturer, The Idealist or The Doubter


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Allen Berger, PhD On Love Secrets Revealed

In this episode of NOL, internationally-known clinical psychologist Dr. Allen Berger dives into the myths and realities of relationships, and he shares what happy couples know about having deep intimacy and a lasting connection.

Show Notes

Learn more about Dr. AB on his website:

Connect with Dr. AB on Twitter:  @ABPHD

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