Megan Gorman On Making Tax and Wealth Planning Cool

Since I opened 2017 with an interview regarding health, I thought we’d open 2018 with a topic we all love – money.

Today’s guest is Megan Gorman, the Founding Partner of Chequers Financial Management, a boutique high net worth tax and financial planning firm. Chequers ensures that tax strategy serves as the cornerstone of the financial planning process (which is unusual in the industry, along with having a female founder.) In many cases, Chequers clients have come to the firm because of its reputation for strategy and premier client service. Chequers not only handles corporate clients, but also artists, athletes and more.

Prior to founding Chequers Financial, Megan worked at Goldman Sachs and BNY Mellon Wealth Management, where she provided financial planning services to high net worth families, and also served in a fiduciary capacity on large family trusts.

Megan’s expertise has seen her quoted in publications from the Wall Street Journal to The Washington Post to CNN Money.

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