Christine Baumgartner, Dating Expert, On Attracting the Right Kind of Love

Christine Baumgartner, Dating and Relationship Expert and owner of The Perfect Catch, joins NOL to share tips on how to find a great life partner! She is a delight to listen to, and she’s really passionate about her work. You’ll really hear this come through as she tells her own story of finding love. Christine works with singles who are ready to do the work to stop past patterns and truly transform their love lives! Her clients say that working with Christine helped them attract the committed relationship they were looking for.

Her 8-week “Transform Your Dating Life” system will help you:

1. Clarify what you want and need from a partner so you’ll begin choosing dates you’ll enjoy going out with,

2. Finally feel comfortable and confident in your dating relationships, and

3. Learn what’s been keeping you from attracting the right type of man or woman, so you’ll stop wasting your time going out with the wrong types of people.

NOL listeners are being generously offered a free consult with Christine. Go to to contact her there. Be sure to mention that you heard her on NOL!

(Please excuse my constant cackling in this episode.  I was in a particularly chuckle-y mood when we recorded that day and decided not to edit my outbursts.)

Kavita J. Patel’s Method For Attracting Extraordinary Love

Love Coach and Intuitive Kavita J. Patel shares her unique approach to helping clients find their personal Love Blocks and release them through the process of examining the influences of their parents or those who raised them. Michelle shows zero fear when she openly examines her own icky influences in order to inspire listeners to let go and get on with their healing too.


Show Notes

Kavita’s website:

Go to the site and grab the 4 Love Types quiz. Find out if you are The Fixer, The Nurturer, The Idealist or The Doubter


In-episode ad mention (Note: NOL is not affiliated with Booty Parlor but is advertising their products as a hats off to previous NOL guest Dana B. Myers, co-founder and because the products are awesome!)