nol2I’m Michelle Ann Owens, the host and creator of the variety podcast, Nothing Off Limits.  I created this show to give curious and open-minded listeners ONE place to go for new knowledge in EVERY area of life, not just one. It’s my belief that we aren’t one-dimensional humans, so why should we only focus on one topic or one area of our existence?  If you truly want to become a better version of yourself and do great things while you’re here on this planet – including how you perceive and interact with people you may not understand or agree with – then in my opinion, nothing should be off limits.

My guests from all over the world and I explore topics about health and wellness, business, society & culture, music, relationships, sex, and much more. I like to say that it’s the stuff your momma never taught you, as my guests and I tend to discuss the things that most people would rather brush under the rug.  Of course, not all episodes are super edgy.  You’ll get a great mashup, and you’ll be taken on a glorious roller coaster ride as you flip through the wide variety of topics.

If you’re ready to gain a new and unusual body of knowledge, achieve greater self-awareness and a better understanding of others, or simply want a fun conversation starter at your next dinner party, then this is the podcast for you! Download episodes now on my “Listen” page or subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Stitcher to listen on-the-go.  Also, please sign up for the email list to receive my weekly Monday morning newsletter!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect you with great guests and big ideas. Happy listening and learning!