Claudia Hehr – Part 2 of 2 – How To Keep Your Animal Companions Healthy and Happy

In Part 2 of this 2-part series with Claudia Hehr, internationally-known animal communication expert, we discuss tips on improving the physical and emotional health of our animal companions and how to manage the loss of an animal family member.

Specifics covered in this show:

1. Considering not only the physical health but also their emotional health

2. Indicators of strong health

3. Indicators of physical or emotional issues

4. Making good food choices for your animals, including snacks

5. The benefits of an organic diet

6. Taking into consideration the type of water you give your pet, as well as the type of bowls

7. Bedding choices and laundering pet beds

8. Choosing toys – and why tennis balls are not a good choice

9. Exercise considerations based on size, breed and age

10. Whisperers vs. pet psychics

11. Helping your animals stay happy by giving them tasks they enjoy, e.g. dogs who naturally love to search and rescue

12. At what point to contact an animal communicator when adopting a new companion

13. Tips on coping with losing a pet, or as Claudia terms it, a pet who has “moved on”

Don’t forget to visit Claudia’s website to pick up copies of her books and/or to request a private call for her to talk with your animal companion!

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Deb Crowe On Achieving Work/Life “Fit”

Deb Crowe, a former medical case manager turned life coach, motivational speaker, disability specialist and work life balance expert, joins NOL to share tips on how best to achieve work/life “fit”. Her energy is inspirational, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to the tips she shares for achieving a life of less stress, more resilience, healthier boundaries, and more quality time for family and friends. Perfect at the top of this new year!

Deb is a featured author in Book 5 of the Change book series, a #1 book series in the world, and she will be a speaker at the Soul Women On the Go Conference next year.

You can visit her website for more information at

Specifics that we discuss in this show:

1. Deb’s burnout with the medical industry, and how Erin Brockovich literally played a role in her decision to change her life

2. The cliche of “balance” and letting go of perfection

3. Deb’s definition of work/life “Fit”

4. How different generations view it – and how companies need to start paying attention to it more, in order to attract great employees

5. How Deb works with her clients to help them see where they’re *not* spending the right amount of time

6. Why having an accountability coach can help you achieve what you want

7. A success story of one of her clients

8. How to build stress resilience

9. How to have healthy boundaries and not try to be the superhero for everyone

10. How work/life fit isn’t gender-specific

11. Tips for “turning off” technology

12. The importance of self-care in achieving work/life fit

13. How meditation and journaling can improve your life

14. Why a five-minute journal is impactful

15. How physical fitness can also help improve your mental health

16. Why she started the Soul Women On the Go Conference

17. The importance of a routine

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Ava Diamond LCSW – Using Mental Fitness To Get In Shape This Year!

Happy New Year! It’s a time of resolutions, typically related to our health & wellness.  We start working out more, dieting, and preparing to get our bodies back for swimsuit season.  Well, in this NOL 2017 kickoff episode, we’re not going to simply talk about eating right and getting back in shape  You’re also going to learn how to gain control over not your business and your relationships.

Ava Diamond earned her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University over twenty years ago and expanded her training intensively across many different areas including emotional intelligence, trauma and addiction recovery, family systems, motivation and mentalization.  She has taught at Yale University School of Medicine, and she writes articles for addiction treatment mags/websites as well as fitness/women’s magazines, speaks in community forums, and co-hosts radio shows.

She took what started as a bodybuilding hobby and transformed it into the competition arena and earned her Pro card at age 47.  This, combined with her schooling and clinical training, resulted in her developing a Mental Fitness Coaching program that helps those striving for true mind:body optimization.

We’re going to learn more about Mental Fitness Coaching today, but let me tell ya, it has gained worldwide respect.  Her clients are found on every Continent!  In fact, the US Military is bringing her program to our troops in Germany this coming April.

She also coaches online groups and corporations, and conducts trainings every week at the “best kept secret” addiction treatment facility, Synergy, in West Palm, Florida.

Ava has two books out on Amazon and Kindle, “Mental Fitness: Build Core Power for Life-lifting.  5 Steps to Success with the Mindset that Matters”  and “Mental Fitness: Build Core Power for Business-Building. 8 Steps & 8 Stories of the Mindset that Matters for creating a most rewarding career path”.

And the third book will be out next month (this February), entitled, “Mental Fitness: Build Core Power for Love-lifting.  7 Steps using the Mindset That Matters for Relationships that Rock”.        email:

What we discuss in this episode:

1.  Her latest achievements, which keep on coming, including bodybuilding competitions at age 52, a new fitness bar, and more
2. What drew her to bodybuilding
3. The process from being a hobbyist to getting serious and going pro
4. How her son inspired her to get on the bodybuilding stage
4. How she developed Mental Fitness Coaching as a result
5. How Mental Fitness works across multiple areas of your life
6. How to become Mentally Fit
7. The two C’s of Success
8. The mindset that matters and how it’s connected to your personal “why”
9. The most common groups of people who tend to go to Ava for help
10.How she works with her clients with their nutrition, sleep hygiene, and fitness options
11. Application of mental fitness coaching to physical fitness
12. Application of mental fitness coaching to your career
13. Application of mental fitness coaching to your intimate relationships
14  Why a mission statement is important

Use the promo code AVA18 for a discount on her fitness bar here:

Kathy Brooks Talks Transcendental Meditation and the Science Behind It

Earlier this year, I became very interested in learning more about Transcendental Meditation. After some quick outreach, I was referred to this week’s NOL guest, the delightful Kathy Brooks, who is one of the co-directors of the Washington, DC TM Center. 

Kathy has an MA in SCI (Science of Creative Intelligence), and she has been a full-time certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program for 40 years this year. She has taught hundreds of people the TM technique in various places, both in the US and in India.
Before serving as co-director of the Washington, DC TM Center, Kathy also served on the faculty and a variety of administrative positions at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa for 30 years. MUM is a unique Consciousness-Based educational institution accredited through Ph.D. that offers standard academic disciplines along with a focus on the development of consciousness. The students, faculty and staff practice the TM technique.  

For more information, please visit

Some things Kathy and I discuss:

– What drew her to meditation and the TM technique
– How TM works and why it’s practiced twice per day
– TM isn’t just for celebrities
– The use of mantras to assist meditation
– The benefits of TM on our personality and health
– The scientific research behind TM, including positive changes in the body & brain
– Reaching a hypo metabolic physiological state and releasing accumulated stress
– Attaining slow alpha brain waves
– Effects of meditation on aging, blood pressure, stroke & heart attack risk
– How long do you have to do it to see results?
– How is TM superior to other forms of meditation?


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Morris Chang, Physician Sleep Specialist, On Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Snoring and More

Morris Chang is a Physician Sleep Specialist with Swedish Medical Group in Seattle WA.  He joins NOL to discuss various common sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, and explains why many people fail to seek early treatment.  You will also learn why paying more attention to the amount and quality of your sleep is so important to your overall health.
Dr. Chang is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.  He was also the recipient of numerous “top doctor” awards from Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met Magazine, and was formerly Medical Director of both the Highline Sleep Center and Auburn Regional Medical Center Sleep Disorder Center.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss in this illuminating health episode:

-how to know if you have a sleep disorder
-the dangers of sleep deprivation
-whether or not it’s possible to “catch up” on sleep
-how to effectively manage insomnia
-using white noise or a tv to fall asleep
-the effects of alcohol on sleep
-why sleep apnea is so underdiagnosed
-when to get an evaluation for snoring
-parasomnias and the difference between non-REM parasomnias and REM behavior disorder
-natural and Rx sleep remedies – do they work?

Recommended resource from Dr. Chang:  American Academy of Sleep Medicine website, which can be found at

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Wess Haubrich On Art as a Catharsis

Wess Haubrich, a self-trained visual artist and photographer from Quincy, IL, joins NOL to share how expressing emotions through art can effectively manage anxiety, depression and chronic migraines…all without medications.  He shares his journey through mood swings, depression, chronic pain and an addiction to Dilaudid, how he kicked it, and how anyone – even those who think they aren’t artistic – can take real control over their own addictions, depression and/or anxiety through art.

Wess and I discuss:

  • his influences of film noir, crime scene photography, gothic literature, southern gothic
  • what art brut is, and the advantages of self-training vs. formal art education
  • understanding the rights you have to your art and successfully promoting your art
  • his experience with the 12-step program for his former addiction
  • his natural foray into film making

I really enjoyed this conversation with Wess, and I hope it gets you thinking about the healing power of art too.

To view and/or purchase Wess’ incredible work, please visit his website at:

And if anyone would like to purchase one of those awesome cashmere scarves with Wess’ art on them, please do.  FYI, I’m open to surprise cashmere holiday gifts 🙂

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Dr. Allen Berger and Dan Griffin Talk Addictions and Addiction Recovery

Internationally-recognized clinical psychologist, author and addiction recovery expert Dr. Allen Berger joins NOL for a second time to talk addictions. His colleague, author & friend Dan Griffin, also a recovery expert and Senior Fellow at The Meadows (with a focus on working with men), joins him. In this super informative episode, the men explain the brain science behind addictions, how to know if you have an addiction, and the stages in the process of recovery.

Show Notes

Points covered in the episode:

– Addiction as an illness, a brain disease

– Causes of addictions

– Addictive personality traits

– How to know if you have an addiction

– Process-focused recovery counseling and what it is

– Addiction shame vs. “man rules”

– How relationships with others change when in recovery

– Sobriety self-righteousness

Allen’s website:


Dan’s website:


Additional resources mentioned:
For books by Dr. Allen Berger, including 12 MORE Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery, visit his website:

For books by Dan Griffin including “A Man’s Way Through the 12 Steps”, visit:

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

I’ll Quit Tomorrow – Vernon E. Johnson

Narcotics Anonymous

SLA Anonymous

“Open meetings” at AA gatherings – can attend and you don’t have to participate

Pleasure Unwoven – DVD by Dr. Kevin McCauley– brain science behind addiction – addiction, trauma, codependency…this is a resource for any type of suffering and is not just about alcohol or drugs

Email Dr. Berger or Dan personally. Emails above. 

Millennial Cameron Brown On Thriving In the Modern Age

To round out Millennial Month on NOL, Cameron R. Brown joins the show all the way from Australia. Cameron has turned his dream and passion for helping others into a socially conscious company that has impacted millions of lives around the world.
As founder of The Thriving Collective, Cameron helps people dream big, live fully, and use their unique talents and strengths to make a positive impact.
Through the talks he gives, people he coaches and music & videos he creates that have an audience in 195 countries, Cameron discusses topics including the pursuit of happiness, creative thinking, social isolation and living an extraordinary life.
He also facilitates quality introductions and creates events & experiences around the world that allow remarkable people to connect with one another, experience new adventures and develop personal, business and philanthropic opportunities.
Cameron loves helping good people thrive, because when good people thrive, they do more good, and that’s what can truly change the world.

Please visit for more information on how to become a “Thriver”!  Everything launches November 9, 2016.  Be one of the first peeps to join!

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Monica Bloom – Part 2 – How Ayurveda Helps the Mind Via the Five Senses

Author Monica Bloom rejoins NOL to explain how Ayurveda can improve not only the body, but also the mind. She also explains what the heck panchakarma is.  

Show Notes 

Vata’s Vices

Pitta’s Vices

Kaphas’s Vices

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Monica Bloom – Part 1 – What Ayurveda Is and How It Can Heal Your Body

In this Part 1 of 2 NOL health series, Author Monica Bloom teaches us about Ayurveda and how this ancient ‘science of life’ can help you feel better and transform your health and your life. Using her signature fun and creative approach to sharing this information, she teaches us about the 3 body types: vata, pitta & kapha. Learn about how eating the right foods for your body type can give you more energy, better sleep and more.


Show Notes 

Monica’s website:

If you’d like a copy of her book called “In Your Elements: An Ayurvedic Handbook to Customize and Transform Your Life, listeners of the NOL podcast can get a special 15% discount by using this unique e-store link: 15% Discount code: 2LMPTMKS


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