Coach Olivia Charlet Talks About Creating Massive Results Your Way and On Your Terms

It’s time to talk business again!  Results Coach Olivia Charlet joins NOL to talk about how to make more money and stay motivated 99% of the time, how to be your authentic, true self at work – even in a corporate environment, and how to find the right clients, audience or “tribe” for you. Olivia believes in being 100% yourself while doing business, and her mission in life is to uncover and unravel your deepest power and Zone Of Genius. Olivia helps clients get totally aligned with their truth and calling, and take massive, inspired action. She is real, inspiring, encouraging, and I love our conversation!  It’s one of my favorites.

For more information about Olivia and her services, please check out her website at

In the show, we discuss the following and more:

How to tap into your unique, authentic self

How to tell if someone is being their true self with you

How to stay authentic at work

How to get into alignment with your true desires, or “cravings”

Shortcuts to stay motivated and make more money

Building a strong circle or tribe

Examples of people who made changes that inspired massive results

Deb Crowe On Achieving Work/Life “Fit”

Deb Crowe, a former medical case manager turned life coach, motivational speaker, disability specialist and work life balance expert, joins NOL to share tips on how best to achieve work/life “fit”. Her energy is inspirational, and I think you’ll enjoy listening to the tips she shares for achieving a life of less stress, more resilience, healthier boundaries, and more quality time for family and friends. Perfect at the top of this new year!

Deb is a featured author in Book 5 of the Change book series, a #1 book series in the world, and she will be a speaker at the Soul Women On the Go Conference next year.

You can visit her website for more information at

Specifics that we discuss in this show:

1. Deb’s burnout with the medical industry, and how Erin Brockovich literally played a role in her decision to change her life

2. The cliche of “balance” and letting go of perfection

3. Deb’s definition of work/life “Fit”

4. How different generations view it – and how companies need to start paying attention to it more, in order to attract great employees

5. How Deb works with her clients to help them see where they’re *not* spending the right amount of time

6. Why having an accountability coach can help you achieve what you want

7. A success story of one of her clients

8. How to build stress resilience

9. How to have healthy boundaries and not try to be the superhero for everyone

10. How work/life fit isn’t gender-specific

11. Tips for “turning off” technology

12. The importance of self-care in achieving work/life fit

13. How meditation and journaling can improve your life

14. Why a five-minute journal is impactful

15. How physical fitness can also help improve your mental health

16. Why she started the Soul Women On the Go Conference

17. The importance of a routine

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Angus Nelson On The Millennial Mindset At Work

Angus Nelson, speaker, coach and facilitator, has worked with executives of the world’s largest companies, such as Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, BMW and more. In this show, he explains to NOL listeners the Millennial Mindset at work and changing the way you lead to engage and encourage their development.

Show Notes

Angus’ website:

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B.J. Mendelson, Public Speaker, Author and Writer, Unveils The Myths and Realities of Social Media

Millennial public speaker, author and marketer at heart B.J. Mendelson kicks off Millennial Month on NOL!

B.J. shares how his financial struggles during The Great Recession led him to build a national breast cancer outreach tour. B.J. took the advice given by prominent social media marketers, and despite landing a major sponsor, the tour failed using the recommended social media tactics. B.J. decided to try a second tour for Wounded Warriors Family Support, and this time he used more traditional approaches he knew would work. It was a huge success and has continued to run every year for the last five years. B.J. went on to write a book called ‘Social Media Is Bullshit’ based on his experience. He later earned media attention for taking on prominent social media experts and companies, appearing on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Yahoo! News, the CBC, TechCrunch, The Huffington Post, and numerous other national outlets.  

B.J. has made presentations at South by Southwest, Social Media Week: Chicago, The Do Lectures in the UK, R.O.A.D. in Moscow, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit, Social Media Explore, National Automotive Dealers Association Conference and various colleges.  He has also appeared at the United Nations to debate the ambassador to Pakistan, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, about the effects of social media on society and its involvement in political revolutions.  

Listen to this incredibly insightful episode as B.J. shares the myths and realities of social media and explains why social media is not magic, nor is it the future of marketing.  

Note:  This show is a bit longer than most NOL episodes because it’s chock full of great information, and I couldn’t bear to edit any of it out.  You’ll thank me after you realize you were on the treadmill a bit longer this time AND way smarter about social media marketing than ever before! 

Show Notes

B.J.’s Website:

Buy the book that B.J. authored, “Social Media Is Bullshit”:

B.J.’s blog and other writing:

Wounded Warriors Family Support:

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Ray Hippolyte Explains How to Out Your Inner Awesome to Attract the Relationship and Career of Your Dreams

Inner Matchmaker/Life Coach Ray Hippolyte explains how to change our self-defeating patterns, become the best version of ourselves, and attract the career and relationship of our dreams. To learn how you can have it all, listen to this episode as Ray guides you through 3 important steps to outing your inner awesome.

Personal note:  As mentioned in the episode, Ray works predominately with gay men, however you don’t have to be gay to work with Ray!  (That’s one awesome marketing tag, dang it.  Well, there’s my backup career!) Seriously, I have worked with Ray one-on-one, and he has greatly impacted my career journey and helped me leap into entrepreneurship with greater confidence.  He worked with me to let go of deep-rooted limiting beliefs that I picked up earlier in life that influenced my approach to my creative work and kept me questioning myself along the way.  I don’t do that anymore.  I feel more creatively free than ever.  So, I encourage you to reach out to Ray to be inspired, to have your eyes opened to ways of being more compassionate with yourself, and to not be afraid to move forward in the way that rings true for you.

Show notes

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Michael Alden Tells You How To Get More Out of Your Career, Fitness, and well, Your Whole Flippin’ Life

Michael Alden, CEO of Blue Vase Marketing, lawyer, author & speaker, shares tips on how to increase your path to prosperity by referencing his book “Ask More Get More”, as well as his latest book 5% More. Listen to this and learn how to go from good to great!


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Christopher Cumby On How To Discover Your Genius Zone

Christopher Cumby, Mindset Coach, Sales and Business Consultant and author of the book “The Success Playbook”, shares tips on how to rise to the top of your game and automatically discover your genius zone.  Listen to this for guidance on how to create a rock solid foundation for your future.

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Dr. Rhoberta Shaler – Part 2 – Surviving Hijackals In the Courtroom

Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, the Relationship Help Doctor, rejoins NOL to talk about Hijackals and the tactics they’ll use in the courtroom.  If you’re about to divorce a Hijackal, whether it’s ending a personal relationship, marriage or a business partnership, you should listen to this episode for tips and strategies on how to survive.


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Cindy Gallop of MakeLoveNotPorn Explains Why Porn Isn’t A Problem – Society Is

NOL guest Cindy Gallop, activist and entrepreneur, explains in this provocative episode why porn isn’t a problem, society is, and how her startup called MakeLoveNotPorn plans to disrupt the way we look at and talk about sex on a supremely grand scale.


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Coming Up Next on NOL – Cindy Gallop, Entrepreneur and Activist

Coming up next on NOL…Do you watch hardcore porn?  Hey, that’s cool, but do you try to rock that approach in real life, thinking that it qualifies as being good in bed?

NOL guest Cindy Gallop explains that, while she has nothing against porn whatsoever, her startup intends to get people both sex educated for reals…AND to be given the opportunity to become a real porn star.