Londin Angel Winters and Justin Patrick Pierce On Using Sexual Polarity To Get the Love You Want

Have you ever wondered why you keep attracting the wrong types of people or just can’t seem to keep the sexual spark alive in your long-term relationship or marriage? Well, maybe the answer is in sexual polarity. When I reached out to David Deida’s office seeking a sexual polarity expert, I was thrilled to hear from Londin Angel Winters and to experience her personal passion for the topic. In this episode, her life partner, Justin Patrick Pierce joins her to share the art and science of attracting the right partner and creating the relationship of your dreams.

Londin and Justin are intimate partners, business partners, and co-teachers of an experience they created, called the Yoga of Intimacy. Each with a professional background in exercise science, and trained in the esoteric art of sexual yoga, Londin & Justin offer a unique perspective that unites the science of the body with the mindfulness of deep, spiritual practice. They facilitate workshops and teach clients from around the world in the art of sacred loving. Their mission is to help each and every person to realize their deepest purpose and claim a life of unbounded love. Workshop dates and information can be found at www.LondinAngelWinters.com. The “flow” of our talk:

1. How Londin and Justin met and why their 14-year age difference means nothing because of the intimacy/yoga sexual practice they have together

2. What polarity is and why it’s so powerful

3. Examples of both feminine and masculine behaviors and how we all carry both energies in us

4. Why “friend zone” happens

5. How to discover your core essence through examination of your purpose and also how you feel about love and connection

6. Londin teaches us the concept of “energetic agility”, or moving back and forth easily between the feminine and masculine and how to “polarize the moment”

7. Simple, quick things you can do to fall into your feminine or masculine energy

8. Justin explains the three stages of masculine sexuality

9. The behavior of a man who is a “flowster”

10. Things a man can do to get his woman out of her masculine and back into her feminine, or to polarize her

11. Why it’s important to use this knowledge in a loving, spiritual way

12. For the ladies – how to attract a man who will truly claim you and inspire his masculinity

13. All about Yoga of Intimacy and what it entails

14. Why it’s scary work and why it’s not for everyone…BUT how awesome it can be when you have the right person to be vulnerable with

15. Upcoming events that Londin and Justin are offering

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Heather Havenwood Shares Dating and Relationship Tips For Men

Heather Ann Havenwood joins NOL this week to talk about the misconceptions that guys have about girls, and how they can better choose who to date. Although this one is tailored to the boys, women will definitely benefit by listening as well!

Heather is a serial entrepreneur and is a nationally known dating, seduction and attraction expert.  She’s helped thousands of men over the age 35 discover the absolute truth about women, and how to attract the women of their dreams, no matter their age, weight or income.

Heather Ann currently is the Author of…Sexy Boss: How the empowerment of women is changing the Rule Book for sex, money and success and The Game of Dating and How to Play it: A rule book for divorced men stepping back into the game.

Visit her websites at heatherhavenwood.com, datingtriggers.com (warning, Daddys – it’s edgy) or justdateyoungerwomen.com (same)

We discuss:

1. How Heather got into coaching men about their dating lives

2. How to tell the difference between “crazy” women (normal) vs. “psychos” (not)

3. Understanding the power of a woman – she can build you up or tear you down

4. What men should consider in choosing a woman

5. A good set of questions to ask yourself as a “test” (best asked about an ex to get practice) Example: Does she give up her life or maintain her own life while being with you?

6. The best way to break up with someone

7. Our joint opinion on staying connected to an ex on social media

8. Creating good boundaries on whether or not you have an open relationship and what that means

9. Tips on dating post-divorce

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Christine Baumgartner, Dating Expert, On Attracting the Right Kind of Love

Christine Baumgartner, Dating and Relationship Expert and owner of The Perfect Catch, joins NOL to share tips on how to find a great life partner! She is a delight to listen to, and she’s really passionate about her work. You’ll really hear this come through as she tells her own story of finding love. Christine works with singles who are ready to do the work to stop past patterns and truly transform their love lives! Her clients say that working with Christine helped them attract the committed relationship they were looking for.

Her 8-week “Transform Your Dating Life” system will help you:

1. Clarify what you want and need from a partner so you’ll begin choosing dates you’ll enjoy going out with,

2. Finally feel comfortable and confident in your dating relationships, and

3. Learn what’s been keeping you from attracting the right type of man or woman, so you’ll stop wasting your time going out with the wrong types of people.

NOL listeners are being generously offered a free consult with Christine. Go to www.theperfectcatch.com to contact her there. Be sure to mention that you heard her on NOL!

(Please excuse my constant cackling in this episode.  I was in a particularly chuckle-y mood when we recorded that day and decided not to edit my outbursts.)

Leslie Halpern On Her Book, 200 Love Lessons From the Movies

As a nod to the Valentine’s Day holiday, we’re going to talk about – you guessed it – relationships. We take a unique approach, however, and we discuss how movies – yes, movies – can actually teach us valuable lessons about love, romance & sex. Whether you are married or single and dating, today our guest will help reveal how to keep the love you have or find the love you want.

Leslie C. Halpern is an award-winning poet, essayist, book reviewer, movie reviewer, and entertainment journalist. She wrote the nonfiction books 200 Love Lessons from the Movies (2016), Passionate About Their Work (2010), Reel Romance: The Lovers’ Guide to the 100 Best Date Movies (2004) and Dreams on Film (2003), plus the “Funny Children’s Poems” book series.

An entertainment journalist since 1984, she worked 13 years as a stringer for The Hollywood Reporter, 5 years as film correspondent for the Orlando Sentinel, and 7 years as indie film columnist for Markee Magazine. More than 4,000 of her articles have appeared in publications including Variety, True Romance, Fitness, Storytelling, Just For Laughs, Bluegrass Unlimited, Salt Lake Tribune, and South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Leslie has won numerous awards for her writing, including two national awards for essays and several international prizes for poetry and has appeared on many radio and television shows, including TV Ontario’s Saturday Night at the Movies, Canada’s longest-running television program. She currently reviews books for several online magazines, and reviews movies for“Seen It, Done It, Reviewed It: The Blog”, which you can find on her website at www.lesliehalpern.com.

What we cover:

1. What inspired Leslie to write the book 200 Love Lessons from the Movies

2. Why most movies have a kernel of truth that we can use for our daily lives

3. Why the book is best for people who are in the mindset/ready to work on their relationships

4. How her personal life played a role in choosing the movies and the lessons in them

5. How the Love Languages are included in the book

6. How the lessons in the book can give you ideas on how to navigate your real-life love life

7. Examples of a few lessons from movies including “Love Actually”, “Up In the Air” and “The Hangover”

8. How the book helps you self-reflect on how you approach your relationships and how to shift that

9. Leslie’s advice for singles on Valentine’s Day


Ruth Houston, Infidelity Expert, On the Subtle Signs of Cheating

As I kick off Love & Relationships Month on NOL, I’m starting with the topic of cheating, i.e. how to know if your partner is seeing someone else behind your back. Being in a relationship that seems happy is no guarantee, unfortunately.

Ruth Houston is my guest for this special episode. Ruth is an Internationally-recognized infidelity expert and the author of Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs which documents practically every known sign of infidelity, including the subtle signs people usually overlook. Ruth has been researching infidelity for over 20 years, and her expertise encompasses both male and female infidelity. Ruth is frequently called on by the media to comment on celebrity infidelity, high profile infidelity court cases, and popular infidelity issues in the news. She has appeared as a guest on well over 500 radio and TV news and talk shows all over the world.

She has a variety of websites, including www.InfidelityAdvice.com , www.RealLifeInfidelity.com , www.InfidelityNewsAndViews.com and www.IsHeCheatingOnYou.com

You can pick up her book on Amazon for $29.95 and her e-book (with a bonus affair recovery section) from Booklocker for $37.00, which I just did this past week. It’s an eye-opener, so get ready.

For FREE infidelity info via her email list, including tips on little-known signs of infidelity and practical advice, contact her at infidelityAtoZ@gmail.com


Some specifics in this episode:

1. What led Ruth to becoming an expert in this area

2. Why people cheat

3. Using your intuition to know if it’s happening

4. The clusters of subtle signs of both impending and full-blown infidelity

5. Why not to solely trust the “top 10 signs of infidelity” you see on the internet

6. Cheaters lie, liars cheat – they will rarely tell the truth about it, with ONE exception

7. How to stop a possible infidelity very early on

8. Knowing what to look for in your mate – no two cheaters are exactly alike

9. Behaviors that could indicate he/she is cheating

10.The “infidelity talk”

11.Things not to do when you find out

12.Why cheating happens most during the 3-day period around Valentine’s Day and other specific times of the year

13.The best time to hire a private investigator

14.Post-Valentine’s Day signs

15.Why people should pay attention to what kind of person they choose to cheat with

16. Real-life stories of people whose cheating didn’t work out well for them


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