December 4, 2016 Michelle

Rudy Sarzo, Rock Metal Bassist, Pt. 2 – Whitesnake, Dio, Off the Rails and Much More

In Part 2 of this special NOL music series, well-known rock and metal bassist and Rudy Sarzo continues his story of his time playing with Ozzy, and what came after that.  You’ll get a true feel for Rudy’s spiritual depth and genuine warmth in this episode, and if you’re an up and coming musician, be sure to listen through to the end, as Rudy graciously provides valuable career advice to those who want a career in the music business.

Some topics we chat about in this episode:

  • Why he left the Ozzy band
  • Losing his dear friend Randy Rhodes
  • Why he wrote his book Off the Rails, and the personal experience of writing it
  • The story behind joining Whitesnake
  • What it was like working with some of the top band managers in the world, from Sharon Osbourne to Trudy Green to Wendy Dio
  • Memories of Ronnie James Dio
  • Why he got into doing CG work for a while, and what he did to get his joy of playing the bass back
  • His upcoming projects (The Guess Who!) and continued advocacy for animal rights
  • What he wants to remembered most for
  • Sage advice for the up and coming musician

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