Michelle’s End of Year Musings – Tis the Season To Be Ballsy!

In this special, final, holiday-inspired episode of 2016, Michelle bravely takes off her typically-neutral host hat and openly shares her personal (and sometimes prickly) musings about 2016, including:

  • the exciting roller coaster of launching Nothing Off Limits podcast,
  • how it’s totally okay (and you’re not alone) if you’re not exactly jolly this year
  • things she’s learned this year (it’s probably not what you expect),
  • things she’s grateful for (again, likely things you won’t expect), and
  • what to expect from NOL in 2017.
  • Oh, and there’s a call-to-action that will cost you zero dollars but would be an amazing gift to show your appreciation and support for the show. 🙂

Share in the possibility of a laugh as 2016 comes to completion and Michelle flatly expresses how awesome that truly is! 

Thanks so much for listening these last 6 months – much more to come in 2017!!

Happy/Merry whatever you celebrate!


Kathy Brooks Talks Transcendental Meditation and the Science Behind It

Earlier this year, I became very interested in learning more about Transcendental Meditation. After some quick outreach, I was referred to this week’s NOL guest, the delightful Kathy Brooks, who is one of the co-directors of the Washington, DC TM Center. 

Kathy has an MA in SCI (Science of Creative Intelligence), and she has been a full-time certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program for 40 years this year. She has taught hundreds of people the TM technique in various places, both in the US and in India.
Before serving as co-director of the Washington, DC TM Center, Kathy also served on the faculty and a variety of administrative positions at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa for 30 years. MUM is a unique Consciousness-Based educational institution accredited through Ph.D. that offers standard academic disciplines along with a focus on the development of consciousness. The students, faculty and staff practice the TM technique.  

For more information, please visit tm.org.

Some things Kathy and I discuss:

– What drew her to meditation and the TM technique
– How TM works and why it’s practiced twice per day
– TM isn’t just for celebrities
– The use of mantras to assist meditation
– The benefits of TM on our personality and health
– The scientific research behind TM, including positive changes in the body & brain
– Reaching a hypo metabolic physiological state and releasing accumulated stress
– Attaining slow alpha brain waves
– Effects of meditation on aging, blood pressure, stroke & heart attack risk
– How long do you have to do it to see results?
– How is TM superior to other forms of meditation?


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Morris Chang, Physician Sleep Specialist, On Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Snoring and More

Morris Chang is a Physician Sleep Specialist with Swedish Medical Group in Seattle WA.  He joins NOL to discuss various common sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea, and explains why many people fail to seek early treatment.  You will also learn why paying more attention to the amount and quality of your sleep is so important to your overall health.
Dr. Chang is a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine, a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, a Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.  He was also the recipient of numerous “top doctor” awards from Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met Magazine, and was formerly Medical Director of both the Highline Sleep Center and Auburn Regional Medical Center Sleep Disorder Center.

Here are just a few of the topics we discuss in this illuminating health episode:

-how to know if you have a sleep disorder
-the dangers of sleep deprivation
-whether or not it’s possible to “catch up” on sleep
-how to effectively manage insomnia
-using white noise or a tv to fall asleep
-the effects of alcohol on sleep
-why sleep apnea is so underdiagnosed
-when to get an evaluation for snoring
-parasomnias and the difference between non-REM parasomnias and REM behavior disorder
-natural and Rx sleep remedies – do they work?

Recommended resource from Dr. Chang:  American Academy of Sleep Medicine website, which can be found at www.aasmnet.org

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Rudy Sarzo, Rock Metal Bassist, Pt. 2 – Whitesnake, Dio, Off the Rails and Much More

In Part 2 of this special NOL music series, well-known rock and metal bassist and Rudy Sarzo continues his story of his time playing with Ozzy, and what came after that.  You’ll get a true feel for Rudy’s spiritual depth and genuine warmth in this episode, and if you’re an up and coming musician, be sure to listen through to the end, as Rudy graciously provides valuable career advice to those who want a career in the music business.

Some topics we chat about in this episode:

  • Why he left the Ozzy band
  • Losing his dear friend Randy Rhodes
  • Why he wrote his book Off the Rails, and the personal experience of writing it
  • The story behind joining Whitesnake
  • What it was like working with some of the top band managers in the world, from Sharon Osbourne to Trudy Green to Wendy Dio
  • Memories of Ronnie James Dio
  • Why he got into doing CG work for a while, and what he did to get his joy of playing the bass back
  • His upcoming projects (The Guess Who!) and continued advocacy for animal rights
  • What he wants to remembered most for
  • Sage advice for the up and coming musician

Please connect with Rudy on Facebook, Twitter or via his website at www.rudysarzo.com

Purchase his book “Off the Rails” on Amazon.com here: https://www.amazon.com/Off-Rails-Aboard-Crazy-Blizzard/dp/1537437461

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Have a great week, everyone!

Rudy Sarzo, Rock Metal Bassist, Pt. 1 – From Childhood and Early Bands to Meeting Ozzy

Rudy Sarzo, one of the world’s top rock metal bassists, joins NOL to share how he became a prolific, professional recording and performing artist with a career spanning over 35 years. Rudy has played with Ozzy Osbourne, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, DIO, Blue Oyster Cult and many other bands.  He’s as busy as ever, with shows coming up in December with The Guess Who!

I was honored to meet and sing with Rudy in 2008 here in Los Angeles.  I must say, Rudy is an incredibly solid, upstanding, family-oriented man, and he is certainly one of the most ridiculously-talented yet humble musicians I’ve ever been blessed to meet.

I encourage you to visit his website at www.rudysarzo.com and to connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to pick up his book!  Rudy authored “Off the Rails”, which chronicles his time with Randy Rhoads during their Quiet Riot and Ozzy years.  We barely scratch the surface of Rudy’s career adventures in these episodes, but here are a few things you can expect to hear about in this show:

– Why Rudy loves doing his own housework
– Rudy’s immigration from Cuba to the U.S.
– What his childhood was like in Miami and NJ
– What got him interested in the bass and how he learned how to play
– His time on the club circuit in Miami
– His moves from NY to Chicago to LA, and his early band experiences
– How he became part of Quiet Riot
– His spiritual journey and personal impact of making peace with God
– What it was like to become part of the Ozzy/Sharon family

In Part 2, we continue the conversation from there…so be sure to come back for more on Rudy’s life and fantastic career!*

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I hope you enjoy the episode!

*Please note that Part 1 and Part 2 were recorded this past summer, so some of Rudy’s current adventures are not mentioned for that reason…check out his Facebook page for the very latest!