November 27, 2016 Michelle

Lisa Schoenthal – Is It Love or a Love Lesson?

The wonderful Lisa Schoenthal and I recorded this episode of NOL way back in May, and it felt right to release it this Thanksgiving weekend.  Listen as Lisa and I talk about the awesome, huge subject of *love*, with a focus on determining whether it’s really love or just a love lesson along the way.

Lisa’s bio:

Lisa is a lifestyle and relationship mentor, certified health and wellness coach, and yoga instructor who is accessible and warm. Dedicated to empowering others, Lisa has created inspiring programs to promote personal growth with passion and communities with purpose. She incorporates mindfulness, movement, and nutrition into her group and individual coaching, seminars and travel adventures. I’ve personally called up Lisa when I’ve hit crossroads with my relationships, and her advice has been invaluable to me along the way.  She’s so awesome, and I know you’ll love her too.

Lisa authored the book “The Men We Meet – 15 Key Lessons Learned In Love”.  You may recall her generosity in giving 10 free copies of this book as part of my NOL launch swag promotion back in July, and for those of you who won the book, I encourage you to read it if you haven’t already!  For those of you who weren’t swag winners, you can get a copy of Lisa’s book on either Kindle or paperback here:

The Men We Meet – 15 Key Lessons Learned In Love

And of course, you can connect with Lisa at

Show Notes:

In this episode, we discuss:

– Lisa’s definition of love
– Humanness and Spirit
– Seeking out the blessings in unfortunate situations
– Why we attract the wrong partners and how to gain more awareness
– How others are mirrors that we can use to see ourselves
– Real love vs. a love lesson relationship
– Using intuition and gut instincts about relationships
– Establishing your own “deal breakers”
– Asking qualifying questions of a potential partner
– How long to wait after a breakup before dating again
– The courting process and attraction
– Mistakes women tend to make because of a natural instinct to nurture
– Co-creating with a partner
– The challenges of platonic relationships that also have romantic inclinations

In-episode mention:

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