November 20, 2016 Michelle

Wess Haubrich On Art as a Catharsis

Wess Haubrich, a self-trained visual artist and photographer from Quincy, IL, joins NOL to share how expressing emotions through art can effectively manage anxiety, depression and chronic migraines…all without medications.  He shares his journey through mood swings, depression, chronic pain and an addiction to Dilaudid, how he kicked it, and how anyone – even those who think they aren’t artistic – can take real control over their own addictions, depression and/or anxiety through art.

Wess and I discuss:

  • his influences of film noir, crime scene photography, gothic literature, southern gothic
  • what art brut is, and the advantages of self-training vs. formal art education
  • understanding the rights you have to your art and successfully promoting your art
  • his experience with the 12-step program for his former addiction
  • his natural foray into film making

I really enjoyed this conversation with Wess, and I hope it gets you thinking about the healing power of art too.

To view and/or purchase Wess’ incredible work, please visit his website at:

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