November 13, 2016 Michelle

Damien Horne On His Journey of Hope – From Homeless to Rising Music Star

This week we turn to music, one of my favorite topics, with the incredible Damien Horne. His manager reached out to me shortly after the NOL launch, and when I heard his story, I was super excited to get him on the show. Damien’s story is impactful, not only for hopeful musicians, but for anyone who needs a boost of motivation and inspiration! 

Damien has a way of making everyone feel special, and it’s because he believes they are. Damien has a real knack for tapping into people’s gifts and talents and inspiring them to reach their fullest potential. In fact, if you were to ask Damien what his purpose in life is, that’s probably what he’d say: to make others believe that they can fulfill their own purpose in this world. Whether it’s through his songs, his public speaking platform or simply via a one-on-one conversation, you’ll walk away from him feeling like anything is possible.

Damien’s credentials are loaded. Although he was homeless in two different cities (LA and Nashville), he has shared the stage with the likes of everyone from Faith Hill and Big & Rich to Robert Randolph and John Legend. He’s landed publishing deals with Big Love and Warner Chapel. He was also a part of a country music trio The Farm that was signed to Warner Brothers. During their stint, they had two charting singles. “Home Sweet Home” (Billboard Top 20) and “Be Grateful” (Billboard Top 40).

When Damien’s not on the road as an artist, he’s working alongside The Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club to share his story of being one of 12 children, the first to graduate from high school and avoiding being a victim of the streets. One of his latest projects is It’s a weekly blog that showcases people who are doing their part to make the world a better place. It’s an online platform that complements what he’s currently focused on: his single and personal motto “Shine” and his upcoming one man show with the same name. Stay tuned.



Get his EP, The Love Saga, Vol. 1 at:


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