November 10, 2016 Michelle

Amanda La Fatale, Domina and Fetish Life Coach, On Her Passion For Kink

Mistress Amanda La Fatale is a working Latina kinkster who has a deep passion for BDSM.  She resides in the Bronx and has been living within this lifestyle in NYC for the past 10+ years. She is also transitioning toward becoming a fetish life coach, as her mission is to help others accept themselves and introduce them to their personal wants & desires within a healthy environment.

She is currently on a BDSM world tour whereby she visits major cities and countries to learn about their various levels of sexual expression across the world, and to spread knowledge of the health & acceptance of BDSM practices.
The final result of this tour will be a documentary to help purge society from Suppression of Sexual Expression within the BDSM realm.

Note:  Domina is a Latin word which means ‘Mistress’.


Instagram/Twitter/Fetlife:  @AmandaLaFatale

We talk about:

  • At what age she knew she was into kink
  • How she discovered the community and started working in it
  • Her views on how society views BDSM
  • Releasing shame about being into kink
  • Benefits of BDSM
  • How the general myths about BDSM are perceived by her as the Dom
  • How she meets with her clients for the first time
  • How a session with her generally goes
  • Safety tips
  • Types of play and her favorites to do with her clients
  • Best forms of play for a newcomer
  • Feminization BDSM, aka Sissy Training
  • Erotic Hypnotism
  • Her world tour to explore how other countries view and live BDSM


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