October 30, 2016 Michelle

Dr. Allen Berger and Dan Griffin Talk Addictions and Addiction Recovery

Internationally-recognized clinical psychologist, author and addiction recovery expert Dr. Allen Berger joins NOL for a second time to talk addictions. His colleague, author & friend Dan Griffin, also a recovery expert and Senior Fellow at The Meadows (with a focus on working with men), joins him. In this super informative episode, the men explain the brain science behind addictions, how to know if you have an addiction, and the stages in the process of recovery.

Show Notes

Points covered in the episode:

– Addiction as an illness, a brain disease

– Causes of addictions

– Addictive personality traits

– How to know if you have an addiction

– Process-focused recovery counseling and what it is

– Addiction shame vs. “man rules”

– How relationships with others change when in recovery

– Sobriety self-righteousness

Allen’s website: www.abphd.com

Email: abphd@msn.com

Dan’s website: www.dangriffin.com

Email: dan@dangriffin.com

Additional resources mentioned:
For books by Dr. Allen Berger, including 12 MORE Stupid Things That Mess Up Recovery, visit his website: http://abphd.com/dr-berger-s-book-store.html

For books by Dan Griffin including “A Man’s Way Through the 12 Steps”, visit: http://www.dangriffin.com/dans-books/

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

I’ll Quit Tomorrow – Vernon E. Johnson

Narcotics Anonymous

SLA Anonymous

“Open meetings” at AA gatherings – can attend and you don’t have to participate

Pleasure Unwoven – DVD by Dr. Kevin McCauley– brain science behind addiction

TheMeadows.com – addiction, trauma, codependency…this is a resource for any type of suffering and is not just about alcohol or drugs

Email Dr. Berger or Dan personally. Emails above. 

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