October 16, 2016 Michelle

NOL Panel Discussion 1 – Three Millennials Educate Us About Their Generation

Three Millennials, ages 21, 25 and 33, join NOL to answer questions about their generation, such as why they are perceived as entitled, how they use technology, how they approach relationships, and much more, in order to help the older generations understand them better.

Topics covered:

-Millennials’ reputation for acting entitled or not caring

-the level of competition they have within their generation

-famous Millennials who they think give their generation a bad rap

-phone calls vs. texting

– the use of emojis

– different approaches with social media depending on their age range

-Millennials’ approach to relationships

-the music industry and what’s considered old to them

-latest phrases and sayings (keep in mind that this was recorded in July, so “everything” is missing)


-views about the generation below them

Thank you to MacKenzie Bennett, Ryan Peterson and Major Lattimer for being representatives of their amazing generation in this panel discussion!

Show Notes

The Millennial mindset says to look it up yourself.  🙂

Coming up next week on NOL’s Millennial Month is an episode that discusses a less-than-awesome result of technology – social isolation – and how to overcome it and thrive in the digital age.  Don’t miss it.

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