August 31, 2016 Michelle

Random Rant #1 feat. NOL Listeners – Road Rage: Things Drivers Do That P*ss Me Off!

Welcome to the first “NOL Random Rant”!  This temporary and periodic shift in the NOL format mixes things up a bit by giving NOL listeners the opportunity to have THEIR voices and opinions heard on the show! As you may know, the topics are provided in advance via the weekly newsletter and on social media, and the first topic provided was Road Rage:  Things Drivers Do that P*ss Me Off! Listen to handpicked NOL listeners gripe about seriously UNsafe things that happen to them on the roads.  You will probably relate to many of their experiences!  

If you’re wondering how this episode can provide value to you…well, these rants are meant to highlight the crappy stuff that happens on the road in order to promote expanded self-awareness (how are you behind the wheel? do you cut people off?), and ultimately encourage better experiences on the road and greater safety to all!  Enjoy the fun combination of “steadily-getting-worked-up” rants, to listeners who simply (yet generously) provided solid road safety tips for you! It’s a short, leave-you-with-a-smile kind of episode.

Many thanks to the NOL listeners who participated!  Some of you wanted to remain anonymous, so the ones who announce their names can be heard on the show.  A big WOOT to all of you!  If you’re NOT shy about your rant, feel free to share this episode with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.!  Please note that there is some natural cussing that happens (hence the E for Explicit rating on iTunes), so if you have a young family member (or a seriously conservative older one) who may not find the F word to be as funny as we do, you have been cautioned.

If you want to be part of the NEXT Random Rant episode (coming soon), be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter and connect with me on Twitter @LadyfoxOfficial, Instagram @ladyfox.entertainment and Facebook @ladyfoxentertainment.  I’ll be announcing the next topic in the next few weeks!

Until then, be safe out there on the roads this holiday weekend and thereafter!

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