August 21, 2016 Michelle

Billy Vera – Part 2 – A Blue-Eyed Soul Journey – From Capitol to the Walk of Fame, The Grammys, Michael Buble, and Much More

In Part 2 of this NOL Music Series, Billy Vera talks about his journey into acting (hint – Jon Voight!), how a well-known hit television show starring Michael J. Fox called ‘Family Ties’ boosted his career, his days with Capitol Records, getting discovered as a voiceover talent via his pro bono work at KCRW, winning a Grammy, snagging a star on the Walk of Fame, and much more, including his Big Band, his book Vintage Neon, his upcoming autobiography, and his still-in-production documentary starring heavyweights such as Dolly Parton and Dionne Warwick.

Show Notes – Part 2:

For more information on Billy and his upcoming gigs and releases, visit:


The famous scene on Family Ties when ‘At This Moment’ plays:

Get the Big Band Jazz CD:

Get the book Vintage Neon:

Michael Buble’s version of ‘At This Moment’:

More info on Billy’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame:

Billy’s Grammy:

One of Billy’s many AM/PM commercial voiceovers:

Trailer for Buckaroo Banzai, which Billy appeared in:

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