July 12, 2016 Michelle

1 On 1 with Michelle – An “Awesome” 30-Day Post-Launch Update

Host Michelle Ann Owens updates NOL listeners with how things are going with the podcast so far.  

You’ll likely note her repeated “awesome!” blurts, as a result of, well, all the awesome things going on.  

 In this 1:1 episode, you’ll find out:

  1.  Who’s listening around the globe,
  2. Michelle’s thoughts about her recent trip to Podcast Movement (a conference for podcasters) in Chicago,
  3. Upcoming changes with regard to the “Coming Up Next Teasers”,
  4. Info about the advertisers (and future advertisers!) on the show,
  5. A call for donations, 
  6. A call to sign up for the email list, and
  7. Additional shout-outs to Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income podcast, those who participated in the swag promotion, The Blubrry team, and Rick Clemons of The Coming Out Lounge.

Go to www.ladyfoxentertainment.com/resourcespartners/ to donate and support the podcast.  One thing her momma DID tell her was to never be afraid to ask for something.  Donate and you’ll get a special, personal acknowledgement from Michelle on an upcoming show (and possibly some other goodies, if she can get a successfully-delivered, all-in-one-piece mug shipment)!

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